Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Phoenix Condos in Arlington Clarendon, Video of Fire House Noise

I previously did a blog post reviewing Phoenix Condos in Clarendon. I was worried about the noise of the fire house. But I never heard it myself.

However, recently a listing agent at the Phoenix Condos in Arlington Virginia assured me that the fire trucks don't let off their sirens until they are far away from the building. I was impressed.

Until today when I heard and saw this and was able to get a few seconds on my phone.

Wow, can't imagine that. I have no idea if this was a rare special event, but it was LOUD!

So I am still biased toward Clarendon 1021, where I lived for 5 years. Much better rooftop with a DC view and hot tub, much lower condo fees (which equate to like $15k-$25k in buying power) and not firehouse next door.

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