Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NVHomes Cedar Lane Vienna Va, New Contruction REVIEWED

Disclaimer: I am a buyer's agent. I can represent the buyer, not the seller/builder in this situation.

Today I visited NVHomes and their new project they call NVHomes Cedar Lane, in Vienna Va. The homes are actually located on Amanda Place.

There are 16 homes in this project. The published starting price is just under $1M. While it does come standard with granite, hardwood and a brick exterior, you know you will end up wanting to add a bunch of features here and there. And that is where it starts to add up. Don't get carried away, because it makes it tougher for your resale (that is one area we can help as your buyer's agent).

What makes this place really unique is the price point. There is a major void in the $900k to $1.1M price range in Vienna 22180 specifically.

Here is a link to all active detached homes from $800k to $1M in Vienna and 22180 .

I have helped clients that looked for 6 months and couldn't find anything. They even considered buying a tear down and building a new, which we can help with too. NVHomes might not like to hear this, but these one off builders are their only competition.

Anyhow, here is a compilation of a few videos I made of the place. Maybe I will go back in a few weeks to show you a more completed home.

One of the benefits of buying early is a) getting priority in lot pick and b) they have a track record of increasing the prices the closer the community gets to being completed. It is much easier to sell when they have actual finished models.

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