Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bromptons at Cherrydale Arlington Voted to be Demolished

From Cherrydale Arlington's Sweet and Sour News.:

"On May 7, 2008, the Arlington County Planning Commission recommended to the County Board by a vote of 12-0, that the unfinished Bromptons building be considered a blight under County ordinance and that the County move forward with its demolition"

More on Ed Peete and Zoso here.
Here are the homes for sale in Cherrydale Arlington Virginia on FranklyMLS.com (add photos if you visit any of these homes).

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Builder Pricing... Mark It Up & Go "On Sale"I

It is tricky these days buying a new construction condos (read post on the risk of new construction). Why? You don't know the freaking real price. Some builders are actually INCREASING prices. I think they are doing that because they feel pressure to give a large % off list so the buyer gets a "deal."

Meanwhile other builders are using this as an opportunity to aggressively drop their prices to look like a steal... but then they won't budge. Not even $5,000.

Also I have been hearing from these builders about several buyers coming into their offices after reading my blog. They come in without a Realtor (including me). So I blame myself for obviously not fully explaining our value vs being a paper pusher. Builders love unrepresented buyers... since they have a big "sucker" pasted on their forehead. Why have an agent that knows which buildings drop by how much?

And if you only know the BS that I have heard come out of these builder's sales teams mouths.

It doesn't cost you anything (and some of you now are thinking, but I can get a better deal if I can cut out the buyer agent, and that is also just wrong)

Don't like me? Ok, I probably wouldn't like you. So go buy with Jay, Rick or Brian, (all 3 different firms) I don't care, just don't walk in solo.

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Palatine Condos Give Ups, Returns Deposits

I have to give credit to Realtor Rick Bosl for this one.

People have been asking me about official word on Palatine Condos in the Courthouse area of Arlington. Here is his post on that: Palatine Goes Rental

The only thing I would add is to see if you get some sort of interest on your deposit. Read your contract closely. Some builders are trying to get out of their obligation to pay interest. Sometimes that can be $2,000.