Friday, April 6, 2007

Next up: Io Piazza will Convert to Apt.

As you can see with my Zoso (Ed Peete) prediction (see next blog) the builder decided to stop trying to sell Zoso as condos, I now am fairly certain that Io Piazza in Shirlington (also Ed Peete) will no longer try to sell as condos.

If you would like the name of a lawyer that has been successful in getting dozens of people out of their contract WITH all their money, let me know. Sorry she done answering "quick questions" for free. Now it will cost you $500 just to talk to her and more to get your money back. Why? Because this blog overwhelmed her with people looking for free advice and that doesn't pay the bills. Don't be stupid and try and go it alone first, you'll actually just make things worse.

Update 5-5-07- My sources say that Io Piazza Condos in Shirlington, Arlington Virginia is Under Contract to be sold. Once the property closes, all contracts will be canceled and the deposits returned. If you want to live in this area, you might want to beat the rush of 100+ buyers. You are ahead of the game by reading this blog, but not by much! Email me.

Now the big question is the Phoenix!

Written by Frank LL0SA- Broker

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Zoso Officially Drops out of the Arlington Condo Market

As predicted in my blog: Arlington Condos: Joule Converts to Apts. Next up: Zoso & Phoenix? Zoso has officially stopped selling condo units

Here is the official word:
Hello Frank, At this time, the builder has indicated that current contract holders will be released. This action has not yet been initiated, although calls to purchasers have been made. There are no definitive plans at this time for the future of the building.
Tammy B.
(A Realtor working for the developer.)

Now the next one to go is Phoenix condos in Arlington Virginia. I give it a 65% chance of converting to rentals. Make sure to read the other blog on that warns you about other new construction pricing guarantees.
Written by Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker