Monday, July 28, 2008

Phoenix Condominiums - Insider View

So I have written a few posts on the Phoenix Condominiums near Clarendon Metro, in Arlington Virginia. I have tried to show some of the pros and possible cons. People come to these blogs in droves looking for a 3rd party opinion.

Recently I have a client that is attempting to put a Phoenix Condo unit under contract. In an attempt to do some due diligence for him, I reached out to a former client that bought there. Here was the exchange:

Hey Edward,
How are things over at the Phoenix? I have a client that is interested in a unit there, so I wanted to see what the inside scoop was. Any plans to jack up the condo fees? How is the firehouse? Any other complaints? Like parking?
Hope all is well,

Reply from Edward:
Hi Frank!
Good hearing from you.
I haven't heard anything about jacking-up the condos fee - but I would think they wouldn't want to brag about that - just hit us with it... :)

The firehouse doesn't really bother me... For me, it's all part of the noises of city life, but that's just me. If your client is a light sleeper, then they will get woken up. In regards to the decibel level, it really no louder than when you hear the siren in ANY part of Clarendon. The sound seems to echo through the area quite nicely... ;)
Personally, I really like it AND I'm not that fussy about things.

I like it because of the area and I walk around quite a bit.

Parking is fine, I've really not heard too many complaints there.
There seems to be some discussion about Comcast and a poor signal, but the condo group is taking care of that.

I wouldn't say it's quite a party complex though... A few people are trying to get things going - that might be part of being in a new building... No problems with more questions if you got them!
Take care!

If anybody has any other questions, please email me or add a comment below and I will reach out to Edward.Written by Frank Borges LL0SA- Broker

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Anonymous said...

I really like the building, my client bought there in June and he really loves it. He has been to a couple baseball games in the media room which he thinks is pretty cool. He likes the staff, says they are professional and good sorts.
My one qualm is financing. The building is more than 30% commercial, so some credit unions and banks won't finance there. So far, it hasn't been a problem. I do wish they would find a tenant or buyer for the prime streetside portion of the building.