Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bromptons at Cherrydale Arlington Voted to be Demolished

From Cherrydale Arlington's Sweet and Sour News.:

"On May 7, 2008, the Arlington County Planning Commission recommended to the County Board by a vote of 12-0, that the unfinished Bromptons building be considered a blight under County ordinance and that the County move forward with its demolition"

More on Ed Peete and Zoso here.
Here are the homes for sale in Cherrydale Arlington Virginia on FranklyMLS.com (add photos if you visit any of these homes).


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your insider realtors' soothsaying knowledge portended this months ago, and you had warned potential buyers of it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, I hear that Ed has 8 weeks to make substantial progress, (and that he was to give the county a bond of $250,000 to guarentee that the work will be done or the County can take the money to pay for the demolition) but that the county can and will make inspections in the interim to make sure that the work is ongoing. I drive by it daily, and I haven't seen any work yet as of June 14th. I hope they tear it down soon.